The Midas Group serves its chosen customer base from nine strategically situated warehouses throughout the country, including two national warehouses for directly imported product, one in Johannesburg, the other in Durban. The company operates a single real time information platform with over 700 users through the sales administration and distribution functions.  It is the policy of the group to bolt specialist software packages on to its operating system.  Warehouse space in excess of 60 000 square metres is used to accommodate 72 000 line items in the various locations. All locally purchased product is delivered direct to the warehouses to minimise handling. The imported product is redistributed to the points of sale, this amounts to over 600 tons of product per month. Inventory is procured and managed through an advanced inventory module which anticipates demand through forecasting.  This has resulted in improved availability and a more efficient inventory holding.  A sales and delivery tracking system is integrated to accommodate the 11 000 plus invoices that are generated daily. The warehouses accommodate R350 million worth of inventory with very aggressive stock turns putting pressure on time, staff and management.